Louis 'Skip' Sander
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Lou's Creations...

Creation of Adam - Michelangelo Buonarroti
Lou has been creating things all his life, starting with a wooden boat he built as a kindergarten project. He is a man who is driven to create.  
Lou has left an enduring mark on nine different Organizations. He has started some, rescued some from serious trouble, and moved some to greater excellence.
Lou is active In the world of Writing, with a hundred poems and over 500 publications to his credit, including books, many contributions to magazines, and a significant amount of business writing. Not included in that total are over 400 articles Lou has started on Wikipedia.
In the world of Software, he has written hundreds of programs for himself and for general use. Many of the latter have had periods of daily use around the world.
He has created four pretty good websites (including this one) and two extensive user pages. You can access them from the Home Page here.
In the world of Concrete Objects, Lou has built dozens of Electronics Projects and woodworking projects, and has built or worked on many Architectural Projects, all but two of them so small as to qualify as trivial. Since childhood, he has created small woodworking projects and other similar items.

Lou's First Creation, Age 5
Kindergarten Class, Wyoming School, Millburn, New Jersey
Inscribed Skipper and Skipper Sander
Photo taken in 2015

Lou's Cub Scout Project, Age 9
Den Mother Isabel Mauro
Fired Ceramic
Inscribed Louis Sander 2/2/49