Louis 'Skip' Sander
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Other Cool Stuff...

a page of material that doesn't fit elsewhere:
Lou has some Photoshop skills. Observe his retouching of an amateur snapshot:
Louis Sander Unretouched
Louis Sander
Original Scanned Photo
As Retouched by Lou

Replaced background, removed dark shadows at the left (ear, neck, hair).
Modified skin tones, removed a wisp of hair across the forehead.
Removed glare from eyeglasses, smoothed skin under each eye.
Fixed drooping left eye (to the right, on the photos). Smoothed skin on neck.

Bulbophyllum Louis Sander
This unusual Orchid was named for Louis Sander, (no relation to our Lou), a 19th century British orchidist who compiled Sander's List of Orchid Hybrids, which became the official international orchid registry. It is published today by the Royal Horticultural Society in the United Kingdom.

Lou discovered the orchid while doing an Internet search on his name. He has owned several specimens, but they haven't done well at all. After the last one died, he discovered that they need to be watered more regularly than other orchids, and that they do best if you feed them as you water them.

Lou has some interesting information about the size of people's pupils and how it affects their perception by others. Click here to see it.

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