Louis 'Skip' Sander
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Lou's Background...


Lou was born and raised in suburbs north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father, a Clemson graduate, was an engineering executive with Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania. His mother, a professional musician, gave up her career to raise Lou and his younger sister, Judy.

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Mr. & Mrs. Sander, 6/10/61
Lou married Barbara Greer a week after graduating from Duke. They had three children: Bob, Tracey, and Bill, all of whom grew up and married. Lou and Barbara now have six grandchildren. Barbara has mostly been a homemaker and stay-at-home mom, though for about ten years she was the property manager at a local condominium complex. She is a superb cook, and is unmatched as a gardener and cultivator of house plants. She has a way with animals wild and domestic, and owned Silky Terriers from 1969 onward. The fourth and last one died a few years ago. She soon felt the need to replace it, but didn't want another Silky Terrier. For some reason she thought the next dog should be named Dexter, so she kept her eyes open for one who might fit the name. A Cairn Terrier matched it perfectly, and now she has her Dexter.

Robert Louis Sander
Like his father, son Bob has had a varied career—he has managed beauty shops and a leathercraft store, has worked as a mechanic at a Buick dealership, and has recently been a cook and chef. He has rebuilt several vintage Morris Minor automobiles. Bob lives with wife Cheryl in Pittsburgh. In November, 2000, he and Lou spent a week together touring the United Kingdom. Bob died in October, 2008, basically from the complications of alcoholism.

Tracey Susan Sander Donovan
Daughter Tracey, a graduate of LaRoche College, lives in Pennsylvania with husband Jim, daughters Tupelo and Ella, and son Oliver. Jim found fame as the drummer with the musical group Rusted Root, which had a platinum CD and a devoted following on the concert circuit. They played on the David Letterman Show, and their work was featured in several films, including the blockbuster Twister. They've toured internationally, and have opened for such acts as The Grateful Dead, Sting, and Santana. When the band went on hiatus, Jim pursued his drumming, and now teaches and performs regionally in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Tracey is a stay-at-home mom for Tupelo, Ella, and Oliver. She also makes interesting jewelry.  

William Frederick Sander
Son Bill lives in Connecticut with wife Amy, daughter Peyton, and sons Duncan and Will. Bill is a graduate of Marietta College, and is the author of Shareholder Voting Almanac (Washington, D.C., Investor Responsibility Research Center, 1991). Bill is President and Chief Operating Officer of REIS, Inc., the leading provider of information to commercial real estate investors.